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These days, we are surrounded by social media, advertisements and all that channel, that somehow have influence on our behavior. The way, you let them to influence you depends only from you. It can be positive or negative influence. No One or nothing can affect you, without your permission. The first thing you should do is to train your mind to select the information, than it naturally will focused only in the positives information and the information, that will help to create things, that will help to create the life you want! There is a rule, the change start from you and you start to share it with others. But first you should be happy, than you can make other people happy too. Next time, when someone try to affect you in negative way, ignore it! It’s not your problem and the chance of this people only to try to affect you is big so ignore them. In the workplace we have to deal with this kind of situations in a daily basis. Like in everywhere you should try to create your place, this place should influence you in positive way. That will help you to work more effective and to be more creative. Only the positives minds can bring the results and bring the team to the next level. Let’s start with the small thing, your desk or your office.

Look at your desk or your office, how it looks like? Create your own style of working place. It doesn`t meter, if you work from your home or in the office. You have to feel comfortable, this will increase your creativity and you will not feel like “just do the job”. We chose some furniture and accessories, which can help you to get inspire and create your own working place.



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