How to start your own business

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Sometimes it take years to find out, what for we`re passionate about. You may change jobs, or spend times in looking for advices from people around you, to find out what you want to do. The both ways are wrong. No one is you and even there are millions of people, who are doing the same job or the same business as yours, remember no one will do it like you! The most important thing is don`t give up. It may take more time, than you imagine, but the biggest mistake, you can do during this period is to give up! According to the researches, to establish a successful business you will need at least four years! Don`t expect fast results, like in everything in life, you will need time to create a business,  where you can express yourself and your ideas in, your unique way. Here are some basic steps, to fallow, hope you`ll enjoy them and give you a start point for your ideas.

Do your researches.

Do research, take your time and do a long research, about the type of products or ideas, you wish to sell. Make research about the product, materials, suppliers, packages and all the processes, you have to organize, until the final product get to the customers.

Create the visionary of the company

Find name, make PR strategy, pic and register your company, set the location of your business. Do the paper works, get the licenses and permits.

Find business partners

Star to search for business partners! Write e-mails, make contacts go to trade exhibitions and events. Choose wisely, because these people will be part of your business process and this is important for the future of your company and the quality of the products or services, you provide.

Make planes

You`ll need a couple of planes.

Process plane. Make a plane for the processes and steps, you need to go through, until you reach the final result or product. Think twice, always! During these processes, often you need to change the plane, because of the changing market situations, or suppliers, even political situations, they can affect directly or indirectly the markets. It`s important to develop a personal quality to predict some situation, this will help, to you to react and have appropriate decisions. Keep calm, always! It`s business, don`t react emotionally! Try your best to take control, over the situation!

Time plane.

Your time plane is always, connected with your financial plane. Making fast, big investments doesn`t mean you`ll start earning more money. The risk here is twice times bigger actually. Take your time, make researches, stay informed on, every details and processes in your company. This will help you to decide, how much risk you can take at this moment and situation, without affected the company.

Plane your business development goals.

You should have long term and short term business goals. Again information, about the markets and your company is the key moment here. This is the most complicated plane, you should make and the most important for the development of the company.


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