The future of the news and journalism

Google just announced on Tuesday on blog post, that they will launched Google News Initiative to fight fake news and “help journalism thrive in digital age”. DNI Found (The Digital Innovation Found) is EU program part of DNI found and “has committed €150m over three years to the European news ecosystem. It encourages new thinking in digital journalism, and gives news organisations of all sizes the space to innovate and experiment”. You can apply until 9th April 2018!

You will be able to subscribe to Google News Initiative with your google account and be able to read over 3000 news articles per day. You should pay for the subscription, but google promises us, that we will be able to read quality articles, written by innovative journalist! The most important thing here is, that the information will be “clean”, no more fake news and manipulative articles. Pure information!

Google aims to build “stronger future for the journalism” and give more freedom of the press in this digital age!

“We believe in spreading knowledge to make life better for everyone. It’s at the heart of Google’s mission. It’s the mission of publishers and journalists.

Put simply, our futures are tied together.”


Google has five main points:

Quality Journalism Matters

Financial stability requires innovation

The digital news ecosystem should remain open

New technology presents new opportunity

Collaboration is key to our mutual success

We need reliable sours of information and a platform where, the journalists could speak freely and honestly. Can`t wait for the new digital news era by Google!



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