Toxic people, how to handle with them

Toxic people or people who want you to feel as bad, as them. They`re giving you as negativity, as they can, because at the moment you start to feel bad or negative about yourself, they can take some kind of control over you. This people are very good manipulators, you have to be careful, about that, because you can establish some kind of relationship, that will continue for years, before you get aware – they are toxic! They can look like the nicest people in the World! The, easier way to recognize this kind of relationship is, you just feel bad around this people, even if they are the kindest persons in the World! You feel bad, because you can feel, that their kindest is fake!  You don`t feel good because, you feel the manipulation and the game, that they play. They lie to you, you lie in replay, you start to mirror their actions and somehow lose yourself! The best thing is to establish some distance and either both side, should be honest, either you can leave it that way! Don`t make more effort, it doesn`t work until now, it will not work in the future too. Some people, just thinks that way!

Never, argue with this people! They just want, you to be the worst version of yourself and they know well how to make you angry, even if you`re the nicest person around. So don`t go there, don`t become a part of someone unhappiness!

The only aim of toxic people is to make you to feel negative feelings – envy, loneliness, low self esteem, hatred, misunderstood, less intelligent and other negative feelings, that will makes you feel unhappy.

You can meet this people everywhere, work, school, friendships and all social spheres! You will never be good enough for them, they will play mind games and will try to make you to chase them, they want you to be eager for their attention! Never do that! The true is, they need your attention! The true is you`re OK and the problem is not you! Remember that!

They will learn you, they want to know your weaknesses, they will use them against you!

Every time, when you forgive, try your best to establish a relationship based on honesty, trust, loyalty, kindest, respect and love, you will get disappointed and ignored again! So stop! Stop asking questions, you already have the answers! Be Ok, with the answers, even if they are not the real ones, they are enough for you!

Just accept it! Move on!

If someone, don`t respect you enough to be honest and try to fix the “things”, they don`t deserves your time! You spend enough time, trust me! Now take your time, do things, that makes you happy, listen music, go to some new places, travel, read books, establish new business relationships, that will helps you with your projects! Make new relationships, that are healthier and bring the best parts of your character to the surface, because that`s the only way to build the life you want!


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