Riccardo Tisci, Joins to Burberry

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The last three days, the fashion world is talking, about Riccardo Tisci`s decision to join Burberry`s team. After 12 years at Givanchy, the 43 years old, innovative designer, who makes shark teeth motives, for Givanchy (best known for its “Audrey Hepburn” style), change direction and become the new creative director of Burberry. We definitely can`t waite to see, how he will transform, the well known, Burberry`s trench coats.


The Burberry CEO Marco Gobbetti, who joined Burberry last year, from Celine, has a major role in Tisci`s decision. Gobbetti jangled shareholder nerves at Burberry by indicating that he intends to reposition the brand to be more upmarket. “By reenergising our product and customer experience to establish our position firmly in luxury, we will play in the most rewarding, enduring section of the market,” he said. Tisci, is a bold choice for the conservative British brad, Burberry, which dressed the Duchess of Cambridge for a Vogue cover. On the other hand, Tisci will bring mass, youthful audience to, Burberry. He is best known for the design of the Kim Kardashian`s wedding dress for her marriage to Kanye West. Also we still remember Beyonce`s latex gown from the 2016 Met Gala and Rihanna`s thigh-high boots from her Diamonds world tour in 2013.

Tisci will be based in London, where he last lived during the 1990s as a student at Central St Martins.

We can`t wait for his first fashion show for Burberry! It`s going to be one of the most exciting event of the year!

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