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Yes, the month of Love – February! If you’re expecting me to, talk about hearts and flowers, you’re in the wrong place. We’re going deeper! I mean there is nothing wrong if you want to show your love in that way and limit it in one day, but why we have 365 days per year!
I read a book, according to the writer the “real love” can be feel, only from people, who are developed their personalities to the level, where they don’t need a partner to be happy. This is the reasons, why the first thing we should teach our children is self love and self respects! Also you are experience the love in  different levels:
– Mentally – the easiest form of love. It’s a chemistry! If you look at the photo for example for a while, your brain probably will send you the message – you like him. If you continue to look at the photo, the chance of the message to become “you love” him is a big! Is it real? No! 87% of the marriages ends, because of This! Never, make big decisions based on attraction! The chance you will end up with unhappy marriage or addicted toxic relationship with someone, who don’t deserve your time is big!
Give yourselves time to know each other, I mean we are adults, we need “MORE”! Not schoolish, stupid “love image”!

– Emotionally – whatever the scientists says don’t believe it! You can always feel, if it’s real. Maybe sometimes it takes more time, but you will feel it. It’s about the energy. If you feel, somethings is not Ok or something is not enough, don’t be scare to walk away. Don’t settle down for nothing, that makes you unhappy or for something that don’t makes you better than you use to be before. The energy is given and received. If someone tells you, that real love don’t expect “nothing” it’s not true! Of course we are expecting at least the same feeling, that we give
or the same energy.

– The social factor of Love – we are two differently personalities. Never forget that! We have different lives, we have learned different things from the life, maybe we even have different priorities and expectations from life. Yes, this is the difficult part of the love. How to be together, without trying to change each other or to make each other alike, or if that happen to be a personal choice not an effect of  manipulation. RESPECT! Respect each others, enough to make compromise for the love and relationship. But if there are priorities, that you know if you give up you’re going to be unhappy and make your partner unhappy, the best thing you can do is walk away. For example if you want, children an he/she don’t or you want to merry, but he don’t and non of you can make a compromise – walk away. The World is not going to end, and Yes, you will fall in love again!

Now, it’s 14th of February, of course we are going to talk about presents! After, this article we can’t talk about “the best present for him” of course  You’re the best present for him! Now, go buy a ticket, to some were you both never be before or to “something” you never be, watch learn, and rare experience, but the more important rare the life and love!

If you’ re still searching the best partner for you, like me, never forget to love yourself first and go to Sephora and buy the best eyeshadow palette and treat yourself!

Happy Valentine’s day!

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