Intermediate Fasting

Let`s talk about Intermitten Fastin. I started practice it about three months ago, after I had Abdominal Hernia Surgery. Just to give my body some time to recover, after the surgery. You should learn to listen to your body. It will tells you what it needs to recover.

What it`s Intermitten Fasting. It`s a diet plane based more at when to eat, than what to eat. We all are already fasting, during our sleep, by the way be sure you take at least 8 hours of sleep, it`s important for your physical and mental health. What is the system, it`s diet plane that allows you, for example to eat 8 hours and fasting 16. It`s the most popular method. During this 16 hours of fasting, you are allowed to drink non-caloric beverages. Most of people are skipping the breakfast, but I prefer to skip the dinner, that allows me to fast 18 hours, sometimes. But how, I said, you should listen to your body, it will tells you when is the best time to start and when is the best time to stop the fasting. For example I need breakfast, because I need more energy during the day. I`m not a party kind of human, but if you are than, maybe you can skip the breakfast, but have dinner.

Since I, start it I definitely feel better, maybe because I drink more water. I personally didn`t lose weight, maybe because I`m not overweight.

I`m not good at dieting, love food, but this method works for me, hope it will work for you too.


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