Equality In Business

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Keep calm girls, we will make it!


I feel kind of “stupid” still, even to talk for gender equality, come on we are 2018! Women all around in the World are less paid and yes, they are ricing voice, but it is not enough! We need actions! I am watching the feminist organizations for years to “fight” for women rights, but I do not see results. Ladies, we are doing something wrong, right! The last thing, we need is a gender war in a messy World! We have to solve our problems together as a society. The women rights or the human rights is something political, can be solved by the governments, business owners and corporations!

If you want to make a judgment for a nation look at the women. The less developed nations, governments are doing their best to take control over the women and not making laws, that benefits the women. Let`s not forget there are countries, where women still can`t vote or drive car. When we look at the developed countries, women are less paid and we need 80 years to reach the equal payment. Women`s rights, are human rights and the smarter the women gets, the smarter the nation gets. This scares the leaders of this countries, because they are not prepare to handle with this. But no one can stop the time or the development of technology, and the change of the needs of the new generations. Canada and France are my favorite countries. They have the most developed society and youngest leaders, Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel  Macron. The young wings of the German parties, started to take actions and politicians like Kevin Kuehnert (SPD) are really promising.

Do you know, what the most discrimination question, as a women you can experience, while you apply for a job? The question “Are you planning to have a children in the next 5 years?” How I should answer this? What if, “yes I`m planning!” Are you planning to made nursery, where the nanny will take care for my child while I`m getting your corporation/company to the next level, because guess what I need only 9 months and I will be working during the half of this period.

Tis kind a questions are the reason for the women`s under payment and are used by the corporations and business.

Some countries have a low against this practice, but globally the problem is still there.

The key is in the small business and women business owners. If we stop this practice, we will experience economy growth and social justice. Which will balance the economy and the country will stay stronger in the global social and economy map.

Yes, we need 80 years ladies, so if you want to help to cut down this period start working. Create, start your own business and support each other.





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